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Managing Maps and Folders (iOS)

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2017 10:47AM EDT

From the Maps List, you can add and remove maps, Folders, and Collections.  As well, you can move maps between Folders and Collections as desired.  All of this is done through the 'Edit' button.

On the Map List screen, tap Edit. The toolbar along the top will change slightly to reveal several contextual options used to manage maps and folders as well as allow you to select maps and folders.  These options are:

  • New Folder/Collection - Tap this to create a new Folder or Collection
  • Move to Folder/Collection - Tap the 'Move' icon to move selected maps to another folder
  • Delete - Select maps, folders or collections, then tap the 'Delete' icon to remove them
  • Map information ('i' icon next to each map) - Select maps, folders or collections, then tap the Information icon ('i') to see details such as Title, Date Imported, as well as metadata for the map itself

Adding a Folder/Collection
A Folder allows you to group certain maps together based on your individual needs.  There are no automated sorting abilities, so the control remains in the user's hands.

A Collection is similar to a Folder in that you can group certain maps together as you choose, however, the key difference is that a Collection will allow you to automatically shift from one map to another while in the Map View based on your location. 

To create a new Folder or Collection, tap the Edit icon followed by the 'New Folder' icon.  From there you will have the option to select whether to create a Folder or a Collection, as well as to name it as desired. 

Moving Maps
To move maps to a Folder or a Collection, tap Edit and select the desired maps to move (they will receive a checkmark on the thumbnail image). Once you have your maps selected, tap the 'Move' icon.  This will then display a list of available folders, including the Root Folder.  Select the desired folder and the maps will be moved.


Deleting Maps or Folders (Edit Mode)
To delete multiple maps or folders, tap Edit and select the maps/folders you wish to delete.  Once selected, tap the 'Delete' icon to delete the selected maps or folders. Tap 'Done' to exit the editing mode.
Deleting Maps or Folders (Non-Edit Mode)
To delete a map or folder while not in Edit mode, swipe left on the desired map or folder, and tap Delete.  You will be prompted to confirm the request.  Once confirmed the map will be removed from the Maps List.

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