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Adding a Placemark (iOS)

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 02:19PM EST

A placemark marks a position on the map. At its most basic, a placemark is indicated by a default icon and stores geographic location.

Adding a placemark
To add a placemark, pan to a position on the map centered by the crosshair and tap the Add Placemark icon. A placemark is added with a default icon color and a default name.


Placemark details
Tap the Information icon on a placemark label to see details about the placemark. On the placemark detail screen, you can change the placemark title, icon, enter a description, add photos, edit the location coordinate, and edit attribute schema. Also, see how to edit placemark attributes and attribute schema.


Moving a placemark on a map
To move a placemark on the map, tap and hold a placemark, move it to another position and release.
Sharing a placemark
There are two different ways to share a placemark.  One way is to export the placemark and all accompanying information so that it can be imported either into the app elsewhere or for use in an alternative GIS software.  For more information on exporting placemarks, please see the help page here

The second is to share a GIF image of the placemark (and its location).  This second method is ideal for sharing via social media/networking apps.  To share a GIF of a placemark, tap on the information icon for the placemark you want to share, and then tap the export icon and choose how you want to share it (e.g. message, email, etc.). Please note: this does not export any actual data that can be re-imported into the app.  

Deleting a placemark
Tap the Information icon on a placemark label to see details about the placemark. Tap the Delete icon. Alternatively, you can delete multiple placemarks through the Map Feature list.

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