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Managing Maps and Folders (Android)

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2017 03:04PM EDT

From the Maps List, there are two different context menus that can be accessed to allow you to manage your maps and folders.  The first is accessible through the '+' icon in the lower right corner, and the second is by performing a long press on any one of the maps listed in the Maps List.

'+' Context Menu
From the '+' icon, in addition to adding a map,  you are able to add a Folder, or a Collection in order to better organize your maps.  

A folder allows you to group certain maps together based on your individual needs.  There are no automated sorting abilities, so the control remains in the user's hands.  

A collection is similar to a folder in that you can group certain maps together as you choose, however, the key difference is that a collection will allow you to automatically shift from one map to another while in the Map View based on your location.

Long Press Context Menu
On the Map List screen, long press on the map, folder or collection to select it. Once in selection mode, you can select additional map list items. Selected maps are highlighted. A few contextual options appear to manage map list items.

  1. Move to Folder/Collection - Tap the Move to folder icon to move selected maps to another folder.
  2. Map information -Select maps, folders or collections, then tap the Information icon.
    You can rename maps or folders in the Title field. Map details consist of metadata including publisher, description, publish date, and projection information.
  3. Delete - Select maps, folders, or collections then tap the Delete icon.


Moving Maps
To move maps to a folder or a collection, long-press on the desired map(s), and then select the 'Move' icon.  This will then display a list of available folders, including the Root Folder.  Select the desired folder and the maps will be moved. 

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