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Map View (Android)

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 12:49PM EDT

To begin viewing a map, simply tap a map on My Maps to open it.
When a map opens, you'll see the map view which consists of several components:

  • Back (returns you to the Map List)
  • Map Title
  • Map information (provides descriptive details for the map)
  • Search (perform a map feature or Open Street Map query)
  • Toolbar (provides access to map features and tools)
    1. Compass (allows the user to change the compass mode)
    2. Add a placemark (allows the user to add a placemark to the map)
    3. Coordinates (provides the current location, as well as the option to change the display format)
    4. Navigation Bar (provides quick access to GPS, Tracking and Navigation tools)
    5. Viewing Map Features (provides a list of all map features on the current map)
    6. Tools (provides additional tools for recording tracks, measuring distances, and more)

The following is a list of supported gestures and what they perform:

  • Single tap and drag: pan the map
  • Single tap and flick: pan the map quickly
  • Single tap: hide all placemark labels
  • Single tap and hold: pick up a placemark, drag to reposition
  • Double tap: zoom-in and centers
  • Two-finger tap: zoom-out and centers
  • Two-finger rotate: rotates the map
  • Expand: Zoom-in
  • Pinch: Zoom-out

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