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Map Feature Information (Android)

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017 03:15PM EDT

To view or edit a map feature's information, long press to select it in the Map Features List, then tap the Edit icon.
Alternatively, on a map, tap the map feature label to edit map feature information.

The Edit Map Feature screen provides settings to change properties.

Change Placemark
To change the icon for the current placemark, tap the icon symbol beside the placemark name.  Below are the default symbol icons available.  To import custom icons, please see our article here.

Specify a name for the map feature.
Provide a description or notes about the map feature.
The map coordinates of the map feature. The coordinates are displayed based on the chosen coordinate display format.  By tapping on the coordinates, you can make changes if required, as well as open that same location in another mapping application in order to ensure the accuracy.

This section allows you to create attribute data, and custom pick lists for data collection purposes. Tap the Edit icon to edit or create a new attribute schema. See more about Attributes.

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