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Map Feature Information (iOS)

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 02:22PM EST

Map feature information can be accessed via the Layers tab or the Map View.  To access this information while in the Map View, tap the Map Features icon (located next to the wrench) to display the list of available features on that map. When using the Layer's tab (available from the main Maps List, Store, or Settings tabs), the map features displayed will be for all maps currently loaded on your device. 

To view a map feature's information, tap the Information icon to the right of the feature.  Note: When viewed from the Layers tab, the Map Features also display what map they are currently attached to.  All features are stored here, and even if not currently on a map, the feature will be listed here.

*Image above shows the Map Features as listed from the Layers tab

The Layer screen (accessible from the individual feature dialog, and from the Layers panel from the 'i' icon on the layer) provides additional settings to change the layer properties as a whole.  From here you can rename the layer, set a default placemark icon for any new placemarks, as well as specify the line styles to be used.  In addition, you can also create attribute schemes for data collection. 

Change Placemark
To change the icon for the current placemark (or for the layer itself), tap the icon symbol beside the placemark name (below the placemark name if on the Layer dialog). To import custom icons, please see our article here.

Specify a name for the layer.
Lock Layer
Lock the layer so it can't be deleted.

Tracks and Lines
Set the default colour of tracks and lines.
Attribute Schema
Tap Add a New Attribute to create a new attribute and to specify attribute settings. See more about Attributes.

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