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Managing Map Features (iOS)

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017 12:37PM EDT

Using the Map Feature display, you can manage your map features by changing the visibility of features and layers, renaming layers, moving features or layers around, deleting features or layers, or modify specific layers' properties (such as default icon, locking the layer, changing the active layer, etc.).

To access the Map Feature display you can either go through Map View or to the Layers tab.  The steps below for the various functions can be done from either location. 

Adjust map feature layer visibility
Tap the Map Feature icon in the Map Features List to make all features in that layer invisible. Tap the Map Feature icon again to make all features in that layer visible. The Map Feature icon will be a lighter color and have an invisible icon beside it when the folder is not visible.  You cannot toggle visibility of individual features on iOS devices, however, you can move features between layers if this is required (e.g. create a folder specifically for features you don't want to see)

Layer Settings
To view or change the Layer settings, tap the information icon ('i') next to the desired layer information.  From here you can rename the layer, lock the layer (prevents it from being deleted), set the default placemark icon and track color, add an attribute schema, as well as set the layer as the active layer for data collection (very important, especially if schemas are involved). 

Editing Layers
Some functions require Edit mode to be enabled.  To enable Edit mode, open the Map Features screen (from within a Map View) or go to the Layers tab, and tap Edit. Several contextual options appear to manage layers.

  1. Add layer
  2. Move layer
  3. Delete layer


Adding a folder
To add a layer to a specific map, tap Edit to enter edit mode, then tap the Add Layer icon.  A layer will be added with the name "New Layer".  Select the information icon to rename the layer as desired, and change any other default settings.  After successfully adding a folder, it is considered linked to the map. Please note, unless specified, a new layer is not automatically the active layer for collection. 
Moving a folder
To move a map feature or entire layer to another layer:

  1. From the Map Features list, or from the Layers tab, select Edit
  2. In edit mode, tap a layer in the list to select it.
  3. Tap the Move Layer icon.
  4. In the layer tree, tap the layer where you want to move the selected feature(s)/layers to
  5. You will be asked if you want the destination layer's styles to be applied to the new features
    1. If you select Yes, the features will be moved and will take on the new styling for the destination alyer
    2. If you select No, the features will be moved but will keep their original styling

Unlinking or deleting a folder
To unlink or delete a folder/map feature:

  1. In edit mode, tap a folder in the list to select it. Or swipe a folder to the left to quick delete it.
  2. Tap the Delete Folder icon.
  3. In the warning message, choose to Delete or Unlink the folder.

Deleting the layer folder/map feature will completely delete it from the device. Unlinking the folder/map feature will keep it stored on the device, but will remove it from the map. You can find all folders/map features on the device through the Layers tab.

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