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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 02:11PM EDT

Avenza Maps has several tools to let you interact with maps.  To access the tools, you must have a map open.  Once you have a map open, tap the Tools icon ( the wrench in the top right corner), and a list of available tools will be displayed.  The tools available are:

  • Draw and Measure - Allows you to draw, measure and save a line or area/polygon feature.  This feature also allows you to create an area/polygon by tapping to create each vertex, entering point by point coordinates, using bearing and distance, as well as the ability to create a circle.  See the Draw and Measure for more info
  • Record GPS Tracks - While enabled, this will record a GPS track of where you travel within the Map View.  This feature requires either network connection (for devices without a GPS chip), or a GPS enabled device (can be internal or external).  See Record GPS Tracks for more info
  • Find by Coordinates - This tool lets you search the map for features or locations using known coordinates.  See Find by Coordinates for more info
  • Plot GPS Average - New in v3.7, this tool allows users to create a more accurate placemark using a required number of satellite fixes, timer, or manual option based on satellite readings.  See Plot GPS Average for more info
  • Monitor Geofences - New in v3.7, this tool allows users to create and adjust geofences based on a variety of features (placemarks, lines, areas, maps, etc.).  See Geofencing for more info
  • Open View in Google Maps - This tool allows you to see the current map view in Google Maps (ideal for local navigation, or searching for certain features/amenities).  See Open View in Google Maps for more info
  • Plot Photos - This tool allows you to plot already geotagged photos without the need for a placemark (uses the geotagged photos as reference for the placemark).  See Plot Photos for more info
  • Navigate to a Destination - This tool offers basic navigation showing distance to, bearing and ETA to a chosen location. See Navigation for more info 

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