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Find By Coordinates Tool (Android)

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 02:51PM EDT

FInd by Coordinates can be used on any map to search for a specific location using known coordinates.  This tool is ideal if using the app for fieldwork to find where a specific known feature is in order to plot its location, or if using it for navigation purposes (i.e. you know the coordinates for a local bakery and want to see where you are in relation to it).  When a location is searched, if it is found on the Map View, the crosshair will automatically zoom and center on that location.

To find coordinates:

  1. Have the appropriate map open in the app
  2. Tap the Tools icon (the three dots at the bottom right of the toolbar), then tap Find By Coordinates.
  3. Enter a coordinate into the search bar, then tap OK.

*The search coordinate format depends on which coordinate display format was chosen. 

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