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Plot Photos Tool (Android)

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 02:56PM EDT

Plot Photos is an alternate way to create a placemark and add the photo.  Rather then the traditional method of creating a placemark and then manually adding the photo to it, Plot Photos uses geotagged photos to automatically create a placemark based on the coordinates embedded within the photo.  This is ideal if you are taking pictures (ensuring that they are geotagged when you take them - most phones can do this and have it available within the camera settings), and then want to plot them on a map afterwards.  

To plot photos:

  1. Have a valid map open that covers the area required
  2. Tap the Tools icon (the three dots at the bottom right side of the toolbar), then tap Plot Photos.
  3. If necessary, choose an app to complete the action (e.g. tap Gallery).
  4. On the Photo Browser, select photos, and tap Import.
  5. Placemark will be added at the location based on the geotagged photo.

Although only geotagged photos can be added to the map using the Plot Photos tool, you can still add photos from any location to an existing placemark. On an existing placemark, tap the information icon of the placemark label, then tap Photos. Tap the + icon and attach a photo from the Camera or Photo Library. You can attach multiple photos to a placemark. A number at the corner of the photo on the placemark label indicates how many photos are attached. The first photo attached is the one displayed in the placemark label.

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