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General Settings (Android)

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018 03:38PM EDT

General Settings provides various options to users to enhance the performance of the app as well as the debug the app if required. 

Allow Usage Reporting 
Anonymous reports are sent to the Avenza Maps team to improve app usage.

Specify Map Folder
When specified, maps imported from sources other than the Avenza Map Store will be saved to a user-specified folder. This can help reduce the amount of space used on the device (if an SD card is selected as the specified folder).  Please note that this is for custom imported maps only and must be enabled and set prior to importing the map(s).

PDF Resolution on Import
Select the default resolution (DPI) used to process imported PDFs: 72, 150, 300 or Auto-detect. Auto-detect selects an optimal resolution based on the physical dimensions of the map.  This can help with display/scale issues.
Maximize Memory Usage
Toggle function that, when enabled, allows the user to use as much memory as possible when processing maps. This will improve processing times for some maps but may cause Avenza Maps to crash.

Use Multiple Cores
Toggle function that, when enabled, allows the user to use multiple processing cores when rendering maps.  This will improve processing times for some maps but may base Avenza Maps to crash.  

Clear Search History
Clear all values from the history sections in the search.

Enable Dropbox (Legacy)
New in v3.6, provides the option to import from Dropbox directly (as in previous versions), instead of navigating to Dropbox from the 'Storage Locations' option upon import.

Legacy Positive GMT Export Format
Use legacy time zone format for positive GMT time zones.

Debug Settings
Allows the user to access various settings and logs required when there are any issues with the app.  Often requested by Support when helping to resolve issues. This is also where the Map Store Settings are located.

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