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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 02:57PM EDT

You can access and define settings for the app here. While some settings vary and some are completely optional, they're simple to use and may help you customize some of the features in the app. The main sections for Settings are as follows:

  • Help
  • General Settings
  • Enter Subscription ID
  • Upgrade to Pro
  • Restore Previous Purchases

This section provides links to the online help, how to contact Avenza Support, media and legal links, as well as allow you to re-download the Getting Started map (if it's been deleted).

General Settings
This will be the main section for customizing how certain features within the app work, as well as accessing Map Store and Debug settings.  For more information regarding the settings available here, please see our section on General Settings.

Enter Subscription ID
If you have purchased a subscription from Avenza directly (either through the website, or by calling us), or if you are part of an organization that has a subscription ID, this is where you can enter it and register your device.  By tapping on this, a second dialog will open where you can enter your name, email (does not have to match your Map Store email), organization, and subscription ID.  Please note, that if you purchased a subscription in-app, there is no subscription ID (iTunes handles all in-app subscriptions for iOS devices).

Upgrade to Pro
If you have not purchased a subscription (for either the Unlimited Import, or Pro), but would like to, you can tap 'Upgrade to Pro' in order to initiate the purchase process.  You will be presented with two options to purchase: 1) Unlock Map Import - which provides the user access to unlimited custom (non-map store) map imports, or 2) Pro subscription - which provides the user unlimited custom imports, Shapefile support, as well as the appropriate licensing required for commercial use (Pro licensing is required for any work/organization related use of the app and is on a per device basis). For more details on the Subscriptions available, please see our Subscriptions page.

Restore Previous Purchases
Allows you to restore any previous purchases made with that iTunes account onto the device.

Subscription Details (only visible when a subscription is active on the device)
Once a subscription is activated on the device, the Enter Subscription ID, and Upgrade to Pro options will be removed, and replaced with Subscription Details.  This allows you to view the details of your subscription including: type of subscription, name and email the subscription is registered to, as well as the expiration/renewal date of the subscription.

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