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Debug Settings (Android)

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018 02:11PM EDT

This page provides various settings and diagnostic logs for troubleshooting any problems that occur within the app.  It should be noted that if these are not enabled, and an error occurs, it will not be logged.  It is recommended that users enable logging so that any problems can be captured and sent to Avenza Support if needed.  This information is not sent automatically in the event of a problem.

Avenza Map Store Settings
Provides options related specifically to the Map Store within the app, including the local purchase history, server address, and the ability to clear the local cache.

Enable Logging
Enabling this option is helpful for any troubleshooting that may need to occur, and is often requested during these types of support cases to help in diagnosing the issue.  Information captured includes any errors and crashes experienced. 

Tracking Diagnostics
Enabling this option will create a log of any recorded GPS tracks and related settings.  This can be useful when troubleshooting any errors in tracking. 

Enable GPS Logging
The app will create a log of incoming GPS data.  This can be helpful in seeing all of the GPS data collected, as well as when troubleshooting any GPS or location issues.

Reset Debug Log
All logged data will be cleared from the device

Email Log
The app will email the log to for troubleshooting purposes

View Database Statistics
View a summary of all the data that is currently stored in the app.  This summary includes details about the number of maps, placemarks, photos associated with placemarks, as well as other relevant information.  It does not provide the size of files associated with the app, but can be useful in identifying how much data, in general, is stored within the app.

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