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Adding Maps to the Map Store

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2016 11:42AM EDT

Getting maps on the Map Store is a simple three step process:

1. Upload your Map: Click the "Add a New Map" button. As a new vendor without any maps, this button will appear in the middle of the page. Once there are maps added, it will be in the top-right of your map list.

NOTE: Maps require some time for the server to process it. This depends on the size and format of the map (see Supported Formats for more information). The status of the map will display as “Processing” during this time. Once it displays as “Processed”, it will be submitted for review.

2. Edit the map details: After the map is uploaded, the map details page will load. This is where the information displayed to the user on the Map Store is edited. The following fields can be edited:

  1. Title: The title of the map displayed in the Map Store.
  2. Description: A summary of the information the map displays, disclaimers, accreditations, etc. should appear here. 
  3. Languages: Languages that appear on the map.
  4. Publisher: Original publisher of the map
  5. Published: Publication date
  6. Pricing: The price of the map on the Map Store. Prices are set on a tiered system. 
  7. Hidden: When checked, the map will not be displayed on the Map Store and will only be accessible via a URL
  8. Search Tags: A list of additional keywords that will display the map when a user searches for them on the Map Store. Note: Title, Description and Publisher are searched for by default
  9. Categories: The type(s) of map that is being added to the Map Store. The Map Store has filters that sort by these categories. Pick only those that apply.
  10. Countries: The areas covered by the map. Pick only those that are the main focus.
  11. Images and Previews: The preview images are generated by the server during processing and are what the user sees displayed on the Map Store. Custom preview images can also be loaded.
  12. Border: The area of coverage of the map
  13. Contents: The maps downloaded when a user purchases this listing. For more information see Map Bundles.

3. Submit for Review: Once the map has been successfully processed and the details have been populated and saved, it can be submitted for review. A map can be submitted by clicking the button on the right of the map details page, or by selecting it on the Maps page and selecting "Submit for Review" from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

NOTE: Please allow 1-2 business days for the review process. If a map is being submitted with a price, allow another 5-10 business days as this price point must be approved by Apple. This additional waiting period is only necessary once per price point. Any subsequent maps submitted at the same price will not have to undergo Apple’s approval process. 

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