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Updating a Map on the Map Store

Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 02:02PM EDT

Vendors are encouraged to update existing maps with new versions of the same map without the need to create a brand new listing with new details. This allows users who have previously bought the map to download the new version without having to pay for it a second time.  As well, updating a map maintains the same product link, so existing QR codes will continue to work.  Updating a map is a simple three-step process:

  1. Select the map to be updated and change it to the “Prepare for Review” state from the drop-down menu at the top of the Maps page. Alternatively, view the map details and click the “Update Map File or Pricing” link on the right of the page.
  2. View the map listing and click the “Upload an Updated Map File” link on the right of the page. Upload the new map file.
  3. If necessary, update the map details, save and then submit for review.

NOTE: Once submitted, the map will go through the same map review process as all new maps, with no exceptions made for updated maps.

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