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Moving Maps to Folders/Collections (Android)

Last Updated: May 04, 2018 10:05AM EDT

In some cases, you may want to organize your maps into folders or collections.  This can help group maps together that are for the same area or use (e.g. hiking maps for a state park).  Once you have your folder or collection created, moving maps around can be done in a couple of short steps using what's called the "Long Press Context Menu".

Long Press Context Menu
This context menu allows you to access many edit features for maps, folders/collections, and layers.  It can be accessed in multiple spots and is considered a native function of Android operating systems.  In order to move maps around, you will access this menu from the My Maps screen by performing a long press on a map, folder or collection to select it. Once in selection mode, you can select additional map list items. Selected maps are highlighted. A few contextual options appear to manage map list items.

  1. Move to Folder/Collection - Tap the Move to folder icon to move selected maps to another folder.
  2. Map information -Select maps, folders or collections, then tap the Information icon.
    You can rename maps or folders in the Title field. Map details consist of metadata including publisher, description, publish date, and projection information.
  3. Delete - Select maps, folders, or collections then tap the Delete icon.

Moving Maps
To move maps to a folder or a collection: 

  1. Long press on the desired map in the My Maps list and select any additional maps you wish to move (if applicable)
  2. Select the 'Move' icon
  3. Select the desired folder or root location where you would like to move the map(s)

If you have moved maps into a folder, and you wish to move them out of the folder back into the main list, or into another folder:

  1. Tap the folder/collection where the maps are located to open the folder
  2. Long press on the desired map, and select any additional maps (if applicable)
  3. Tap the 'Move' icon
  4. Select the desired folder or root location where you would like to move the map(s)

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