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Last Updated: Sep 10, 2019 11:06AM EDT

My Maps is the first page you see when you open Avenza Maps.  From here, much of the app is at your fingertips, including (but not limited to) the ability to view downloaded/imported maps, download/import new maps, search through your existing maps, as well as sign into your Avenza Maps account.  

My Maps allows you to sort maps based on distance, name, date imported, and storage used.  In addition to sorting methods, you can also further filter your maps list by map type.  Map type includes:

  • Maps from the Map Store - filters maps to only show those downloaded from the Avenza Map Store
  • Imported maps - filters maps to only show those imported from an external source (e.g. Dropbox, email, etc.)
  • Folders and Collections - filters maps to only show those maps contained within a folder or collection
  • Active maps - filters maps to only show those that have active referencing and those that will function with the tools within Avenza Maps
  • Inactive maps - filters maps to only show those that are not referenced, or can only be viewed without the use of the tools within Avenza Maps
  • Maps only - filters maps to only show maps (will not show folders or collections)
  • All items - removes any filters, and shows all items within the list


Maps listed in My Maps display the following information for each map (when applicable):

  • Map title
  • Distance from the map (if located on the map, you will see "On Map" instead of a distance)
  • Map size once processed on your device (please note, that this may be larger than the initial map size)
  • Map publisher
  • Map isn't referenced (only displays if the map imported does not contain valid georeferencing)
  • Inactive (only displays if the map import limit has been reached)
  • For collections or folders, how many items are contained within it, the overall size, as well as the status of the maps (i.e. whether any are inactive or not)


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