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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 02:51PM EDT
Users are able to easily and efficiently see their GPS information (compass, bearing, accuracy), record GPS tracks, as well as navigate to a location using a variety of options (specify a point based on distance and bearing, choose a placemark to navigate to, and specify a destination coordinate) by using the Navigation bar.  

To access these new features, swipe up on the newly redesigned bottom toolbar.  Alternatively, you can tap the overflow icon (3 dot icon) to reveal the various map tools and choose "Navigate to Destination" to jump right to the navigation toolset.

The GPS tab allows users to access their GPS accuracy information for their device, or connected Bluetooth GPS unit.  Users will see various information on this tab including, their current location, compass bearing and course, speed, altitude, horizontal accuracy and vertical accuracy.

Tracking Tab
The Tracking tab replaces the previously used "Record GPS Tracks" display.  Similar to the GPS tab, users can still view their compass bearing and direction, but can also start or stop GPS track recording.  When recording tracks, users will be able to see their speed, distance traveled, the average speed, as well as the duration of the recorded track.  

Navigation Tab
The Navigation tab features 3 options for users to navigate to a specific point on their map.  This section will detail each of those options.  It should be noted that in all cases this navigation feature is to be used for Point A to Point B navigation (future enhancements to this are planned) and that it will NOT account for terrain, blocking features, etc.  This feature is designed to show a direct line from your current location to the destination point.  As such, this feature should be used with caution and is designed to provide a general idea of distance to destination and time to destination.

Project Destination
This option allows users to choose their destination based on heading and the desired distance you wish to travel.  Users can specify the distance to travel based on a variety of common measurement units (e.g. metres, feet, miles). Once navigation is initiated the menu can be collapsed down to maximize the map viewing area or can remain open to see the details of speed, distance, and ETA.  

Navigate to Placemark
This option allows users to specify a placemark that they wish to navigate to.  This is ideal if you have specific points of interest already marked on your map that you wish to navigate to.  To use this option, users must have at least one placemark on the map view.  Simply choose "Navigate to Placemark" and choose the placemark that you wish to navigate to, and the navigation information will automatically update and navigation will initiate.  You will see a line on the map from your current location to the desired placemark.

Enter Destination Coordinate
This option allows users to specify the desired coordinate that they wish to navigate to.  This is ideal for those navigating to a known point (e.g. SAR operations).


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