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Map Versioning (Vendor)

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2019 03:21PM EDT

Map Store Versioning allows you to create different versions for your maps. When a new version is released, any Avenza Maps user who owns the previous version will be notified when a new version is released. As a vendor you can tell users what the new version offers and even offer past customers a discount on the new version.

To create a new version, view the map you want to update and click “Update this Map” in the Actions section on the right menu bar. The map can be either replaced or a new version can be created. Replacing a map is covered in this article.

Clicking Create New Version will then ask you if you want to keep the previous version on the Map Store until the new version is made available. This is meant to avoid any downtime that may be necessary while your new version is being reviewed by the Map Store team.


Once selected and uploaded, you can edit the new map listing. All of the details from the previous version will be copied over and the new version will automatically be given a new version number. The previous version will also be Archived. More on Archived will be covered in this article. Before the new version can be submitted for review you will need to let users know what is new with the version and you have the option to set a discounted price.


What’s New

You will want to tell the user what is new in this latest version. The “What’s New” is a required field where you can list or describe the changes between the previous map version and the new one. This field will be displayed on the Map Store for users to see.

Price Discounts

If your map is being sold at a price, you have the option to offer a discount for the new version to users who purchased the previous version. By selecting the option to offer a discount price, you can then select the price of the new version for users who have purchased the map already.



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