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Map Versioning (Android)

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019 12:17PM EDT

In v3.7 users now have the ability to check for updates to their previously downloaded maps and map bundles. Map Store Vendors are now able to upload new versions of their previously existing products directly to the same Map Store listing. The new versions can be offered at the same price, a discounted price or for free.


Users can check for map updates by tapping the three dots at the top of the My Maps tab then ‘Check for Map Updates’. If there are no updates, the user will be notified with a message at the bottom saying ‘Maps are up to date’.



If there are updates available, the user will see a button under the map saying ‘Update Available’. Once the user taps that button they’ll be taken to the product page, where they’ll see the map description, then the version number and the ‘What’s New?’ section which explains what is new in the updated version of the map. The user also has the option to install the new version to replace the old version, OR, install a new copy and keep the old version by unchecking the ‘Installed copies will be updated in place’ box. This checkbox is underneath the ‘Install’ button.




The updated version can be either downloaded at the same price as the original product, at a discounted price, or for free. This is up to the discretion of the map publisher, and the user will see if it is free or at a cost to update to the newer version of the map on the product page.



Once an updated bundle is installed, if the contents of the new version are the same, then all of the map data from the previous version of the bundle will transfer over to the new version. If users are updating a bundle to a new version and the contents in the new version are not all the same, the data will be saved as a layer within the Layers tab but the data will not be copied over. The data can be linked to the new map if required. To get more information on how to link layers, check out the Managing Map Features article. Updated maps will always have their contents transferred over to the new map version.


If the user does not choose ‘Update Available’ and chooses ‘No thanks’ instead, then the option to update will disappear permanently. If the user wants to update at a later date, then they will have to reinstall the map from their Map Store account (head and shoulders icon at the top of the My Maps tab). Once it is reinstalled, they will have to check for updates again and then choose the ‘Update Available’ option.



If a user is in their Purchase History and sees the same map twice (an older version and the newer version) they will be able to distinguish the two versions by looking at the version number underneath the map description.


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