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Managing Devices on a Subscription

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2019 12:21PM EDT

This table displays the devices for the selected Subscription. There are 5 columns displayed in this table:
- The Name/Organization//Email column is entered by the user when they register their device
- The Device column displays the type of device the user registered with
- UDID is the unique identifier for the device
- Registration is the date of initial registration
- Last Usage is the most recent date the device checked in to the server
The Devices table has a number of features that can be used to help manage the devices shown in the table.


  1. Devices can be selected by checking this box or you can select every visible device in the table.
    1. NOTE: Changing the selected subscription, will refresh the Devices table and deselect any selected devices.
  2. Once selected, you can pick an action you wish to perform on the selected devices.
    1. NOTE: Only Banned devices can be Unbanned and only Deactivated devices can be Reactivated. They will be added back to the subscription from which they were removed as long as they don’t exceed the device limit.
  3. You can download a CSV table of all the device information currently viewed in the table.
  4. Filter the devices viewed in the table by the status of that device.
    1. Activated devices are currently using the subscription
    2. Banned devices are blocked from using the subscription by the admin. Admin users will have to unban a device in order to allow it back on the subscription.
    3. Devices Pending Reactivation is those devices that have been removed from a subscription whose device limit was reduced so they can no longer be active on that subscription.
    4. Deactivated devices have been removed from the subscription but the user can reactivate the device
  5. Click the arrow to highlight which subscription the device belongs to (helpful if more than one subscription exists for your organization). Click the Edit icon to edit details about the device owner. 
  6. You can edit the number of devices that can be viewed on the table at one time.

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