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Viewing Map Features (iOS)

Last Updated: May 31, 2019 01:40PM EDT

Avenza Maps allows you to create, import and export a variety of map features to suit your needs - whether that be professional or recreational. 

Map features can be:

  • Placemarks 
  • Lines 
  • Areas 
  • GPS Tracks
  • Photos

Map features can be seen and fully managed from within the Map View, or from the Layers tab. 

Viewing Map Features from the Map View
With a map open, to see all map features, tap the Map Features icon.  This will now display a list of all the layers and features linked with that map.  Map features exist in one layer by default.  This means that areas, lines, placemarks, and tracks will all exist in the same layer and are no longer divided based on feature type. Blue layer icon (to the left of the layer name) indicates that it is the current layer - any additional map features (areas, lines, placemarks, or tracks) added to the map are placed on that layer.

Viewing Map Features from the Layers tab
From the Layers tab (accessible from the Maps List, Map Store or Settings tabs), you can see all the layers and features that are contained within Avenza Maps.  In addition to seeing which layers and features you have, this tab also allows you to see what map(s) if any, the layer and features are linked to.   

In addition to viewing map features from the Map View or Layers, there are several additional actions you can take to manage your data:

  1. Import Map Features - allows you to choose the source location of the file, import schema only, as well as link the layer to a specific map on import (please see Importing Map Features for more details)
  2. Export Map Features - allows you to choose the format and destination for export, as well as options to export specific layers, or all layers at once (please see Exporting Map Features for more details)
  3. Add Layer - allows you to create a blank data layer for future data collection or organization purposes (please see Managing Map Features for more details)
  4. Search Map Features or Layers - allows you to find a specific feature or layer (please see Managing Map Features for more details)
  5. Edit/Delete Map Features or Layers  - allows you to rename, change symbology/styling, add attributes, and change the active layer (please see Managing Map Features for more details)


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