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Managing Map Features (iOS)

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2018 11:50AM EDT

Users can access and manage Map Features using both the Map View and the Layers tab. 

Besides viewing features, users are able to:

  1. Import Map Features - allows you to choose the source location of the file, import schema only, as well as link the layer to a specific map on import (please see Importing Map Features for more details)
  2. Export Map Features - allows you to choose the format and destination for export, as well as options to export specific layers, or all layers at once (please see Exporting Map Features for more details)
  3. Add Layer - allows you to create a blank data layer for future data collection or organization purposes 
  4. Search Map Features or Layers - allows you to find a specific feature or layer 
  5. Edit/Delete Map Features or Layers  - allows you to move, rename, change symbology/styling, add attributes, change the active layer (available from the Map View only), and link/unlink the layer to/from additional maps 

'+' Menu (Layers tab only)
From the Layers tab, the '+' context menu (located along the top toolbar), allows users import layers, link imported layers to maps, as well as import schema.  

Imported features can be associated with a specific map of the users choice, or simply imported into the Layers tab for linking to occur later.

For more information on Importing Map Features, please see the link above, or at the end of this article.

Searching Map Features
To search for specific map features, or a layer, users can tap the magnifying glass icon from both the Map Features list or Layers tab.  From there, users can search the feature, layer, or map name to locate them quickly and efficiently.

Export Map Features
If accessed from the Map Features list, exporting will only access layers associated with that specific map.  If accessed from the Layers tab, all map features can be exported

For more information on Exporting features, please see the link above, or at the end of this article.

Edit menu
From the Map Features list (accessible from the Map View) or Layers tab, users will see an Edit menu.  Tapping this option will allow users to Add a Layer, Move Features, Delete Features, as well as edit/view feature/layer information. 

Add a Layer
To add a blank data layer from either the Map Features list or Layers tab:

  1. Tap Edit
  2. Tap the 'Add Layer' icon
  3. Tap the 'i' icon
  4. Rename the layer as desired

Moving a map feature or layer
To move a map feature or entire layer to another layer:

  1. Tap Edit
  2. Select the Feature/Layer(s) you wish to move
  3. Tap the Move icon.
  4. In the layer tree, tap the layer you would like to move the feature(s) to
  5. You will be asked if you want the destination layer's styles to be applied to the new features
    1. If you select Yes, the features will be moved and will take on the new styling of the destination layer
    2. If you select No, the features will be moved but will keep their original styling 

**Please note, that this layer, by default, will not be the active layer for data collection.  To specify which layer to be the active layer, please see 'Editing Layers - Setting the Active Layer' below.

Deleting a map feature or layer
When deleting features from the Map View, you will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the feature/layer completely, or simply unlink it from the map.  If unlinking from the map, the features will still be available on the Layers tab.  If deleting permanently, the features will no longer be available.  When deleting from the Layers tab, the features are deleted permanently. 

To delete/unlink a map feature or layer:

  1. Tap Edit
  2. Select the feature/layer(s) you wish to delete or unlink
  3. Tap Delete.
  4. In the warning message, tap Unlink or Delete.

Link Layers (Map Features list only)
From within the Map Features list (accessible through the Map View), users can select existing Map Layers to link to the map.

Editing Map Features or Layers
This section details all the editing options available for both map features and layers.  Some options are only available from within the Map Features list and will be emphasized as required. 

Editing individual map features
To access individual map feature details, there are three options available:

  • Access from the Layers tab
  • Access from the Map View directly

To edit/view map feature details from the Layers tab:

  1. With the Layers tab open, tap the layer that contains the features you wish to see or edit
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Tap the 'i' icon for the map feature you want to edit

To edit/view map feature details directly from the Map View, please see the steps below:

  1. Open the map that has the feature(s) you wish to see
  2. Tap on the feature on the Map View to show the feature label (or alternatively, go to Map Features > Select the Layer that contains the feature > Tap the feature)
  3. Tap the 'i' icon on the feature label to display the feature details

Editing Layers
To edit entire layers from the Maps Features list 

  1. Open the map that has a layer you wish to edit
  2. Tap Map Features (next to the wrench)
  3. Tap the 'i' icon next to the desired layer

To edit layers from the Layers tab:

  1. Open the Layers tab
  2. Tap Edit
  3. Select the 'i' icon next to the desired layer

Editing options available
Once you access the Edit Placemark dialog, there are several options available to you.  Some options are editable, while others are for information purposes only.  The list below details the options available, as well as whether you can edit it or not.

  • Title
  • Information
    • Symbol
    • Photos
    • Description
    • Location (only editable/viewable from the Map Features list)
    • Time
  • Attributes

Adjust layer visibility (Map Features list only)
To adjust Layer visibility (on or off) from within the Map Features list only:

  1. Open the desired map
  2. Tap on Map Features (next to the wrench)
  3. Tap the layer icon to the left of the layer name to toggle visibility on and off

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